Sarah’s Day

July 21st, 2015

It was just another day for Sarah as she decided to skip school and hang out with her friends. She did not see a reason to go to school because she would have to sign out to go to the doctor for an ear wax removal Manchester which she hated. Sarah hated her ears and she hated anyone even touching them. However, she knew that she could hear much better afterwards. Sarah stayed home and watched TV the entire day that she almost forgot about her appointment. Sarah took a shower and got ready to go to the doctor. She took the subway and made it there in just enough time to be there for her appointment. Sarah couldn’t wait to get home and was ready to leave the doctor’s office even though she just got there.

My Husband’s Bonus

June 26th, 2015

Last week, my husband was promoted at work. I was so proud of his accomplishment. I know how hard he worked for it. Not only did he get a raise, but he was also given a bonus. We decided we would wait a week before discussing how to use it. That way, we would both have the time to think about what we wanted.

I know my husband has wanted a Bolton CCTV system for a long time. I thought of all the things I wanted, but it just seems fair to let him get that installed first. Most of the things I want are small items. I know he will be willing to buy them for me as soon as we have the money. If there is anything left over from the system installation, I will get them right away.

He works hard, and I know this is what he wants. I cannot wait to sit down and discuss how we will spend that bonus. This is going to be a good talk for both of us.

Nodding and Smiling

June 22nd, 2015

Since I was 17 I had reoccuring ear infections which were without a doubt, one of the worst pains in my life. Especially when more than one part of the ear was infected such as the middle and inner ear. The doctor would give me hardcore painkillers because it was so excruciating.

I later found out I had a conditioned called Surfer’s ear and while I lived in San Diego, I never actually surfed or went into the water so I was always bitter about the irony. Eventually, hearing in my left ear got worse and worse and by age 40 it was almost impossible to hear what people were saying with my left ear only. In my right ear it was still possible to make out normal decibel level conversation, but I had to focus a bit because if I was distracted I would miss what was said, feel super embarrassed that I ask people to repeat themselves constantly, and nod and smile to play it off like I heard them.

My best friend Vicky was one of those fitness nutritional freaks and she was 54… Vicky was 10 years my senior. I was more of a computer nerd so I had a layer of fat surrounding my body and enjoyed my pizza nights where I’d devour an entire pizza and rinse it down with 2 liters of soda. Basically, I was fat and out of shape but I felt like I had an excuse because of my poor hearing.

Vicky one time said something to me that I wanted to say, “What?” to so badly, but as I was embarrassed about my poor hearing and too stubborn to get a hearing aid due to the stigma of being hard of hearing and the condescending feeling of people yelling at you very slowly as if you’re a 2 year old or mentally handicapped, I nodded and agreed.

A week later I received a wake up call at 4 am asking where I am and inquiring about my future punctuality because if I was going to be late, she said it was going to work against our 365 day commitment. We needed discipline, she reminded me. The next day I was in my head and neck doctor’s office asking about hearing aids, because I apparently committed to training for an “ironman triathlon.”

I no longer felt embarrassed about being hard of hearing and I welcome Vicky’s conversational tone…

“Yes, Vicky, I can hear you! I’m not slow please stop!”

What are You Drinking from the Faucet?

June 14th, 2015

If your water comes from a city supplier, you may have confidence that is clean and healthy to drink. Those who drink well water may likewise feel that the water supply is natural and thus safe for all purposes.

However, that is not always the case. City water can have potentially high doses of toxic additives, like chlorine to kill bacteria or fluoride to protect children’s teeth. There may be other harmful substances as well.

Well water in rural areas is frequently tainted with farm runoff from grazing lands, along with pesticides and herbicides that are dusted on crops.

For these reasons you may want to learn more about water purification filtration media. There are various devices and systems that can clear most water sources from impurities that can be hazardous to human health. Equipment may be able to be installed on faucets or the water source to prevent further concern.

The Beloved Princess

June 12th, 2015

I walked along the castle as the Princess shouted out in anger. The prince had made the Princess mad again and he wasn’t sure what he did. He looked desperate and wanted to get away. He ran off into the woods with nothing but his pajamas on. He ran and ran until he go to the next town called Lincolnton. The Princess was devastated when the Prince didn’t return home that night. The Princess searched and searched with her beloved workers. The Princess could not find her Prince. She set out to find him. She used Castle Book to put up a missing person sign. Someone named Revod had seen the Prince. Revod told the Princess that the Prince never wanted to see the Princess again. The Princess was heartbroken and committed suicide on the resin bound permeable paving.

Blue People

June 5th, 2015

We moved to a town that offered a recycling service. This service would come by our home in he middle of the night to pick up our glass bottles and newspapers as long as the receptacle was outside. No one ever told us where these items were taken or what they were used for, and we never asked until we saw a blue haze in the distance from our home. Riding our bikes over to the area where we saw the blue color, we noticed that it was getting darker. It was coming from a smokestack. This must have been where the recycled materials were taken. We went inside the building and saw something odd. They were making glass people out of all of the recycled glass media, and they were using the newspapers that had been shredded for hair. We left before anyone saw us and moved the next week.

It is super hot in here!

October 30th, 2014

It is becoming so hot these days! I had to turn on the air conditioning Manchester in order in the house in order to feel like I could function! It has not been this hot in this part of the country for many years! In fact, it felt like it was going to snow just a few weeks ago! If the heat is this bad during the Spring, then I do not even want to think aboutthis summer! Luckily, we put in a new system last year and I think it will make a a big difference in how feel during this summer’s heat. Last year I must have bought five fans to get the air moving. However, it seemed like nothing was working! I called so many people to get estimates for a new AC. I finally found a great quote and had it installed. I am so glad we have this new AC unit!