My Path To Weight Loss

September 7th, 2014

I was always the chubby kid growing up. I spent my elementary years being picked on, called names, and chosen last for dodgeball in the schoolyard. I always told myself that someday I would be thin; someday I would fit in with everyone else.

Now I am in my early thirties and have a great body. My waist size is down to 32″ from a seam-busting 44″. I worked hard at eating the right foods and avoided calorie-laden desserts. None of it would have been possible, however, without the help I received from my personal trainer Salisbury, Jane. Exercise is one of the key ingredients to a nice body and Jane has helped me stay on track; motivating me to push myself further and achieve great things. Everyone has what it takes to achieve results but sometimes we just need a helping hand; I could not have done it without her.

What’s Mine is Yours

August 30th, 2014

He was wearing a pair of size eleven sneakers called Speedsters. They were high-tops, had a pump on the tongue, and had multicolored laces. I knew everything about these particular shoes, because they were mine.

I was volunteering at a food shelter when I saw the man wearing my shoes. He was tall and his clothes were covered in dirt. He noticed that I was staring at his feet. “You like my Speedsters, huh?” He said. I knew he had stolen them from me at the gym last week, and I knew he didn’t recognize me. “They’re great shoes, take good care of ‘em.” I said.

I handed him the clipboard to sign, allowing him to take a bag of food. I tore his copy from underneath the NCR pads and handed it to him. He nodded his head at me in appreciation, and I nodded back.

Hire a Professional? Me? You Bet I Did!

August 22nd, 2014

When I started my online business, I knew I would have to have a Web site that was attractive, functional and easily navigable. Having done some Web development work in the past, I put on my Web developer hat and rolled up my sleeves. I opened the “e- doors” within a week of completing my site. After ten very long months, I had a trickle of traffic and sales to match. I redesigned my site and sent out e-mail pamphlets without much success. On the advice of a seasoned Web-sales friend, I found and hired a cheap seo company. The change has been phenomenal. I now rank on the first page in every currently popular browser online, and my sales have tripled. If this growth continues, I will be hiring help for my business very soon. I strongly advise others having similar problems to learn from my experience. Hire a professional!